Olfactory jewellery
As an ancient and prestigious art, the olfactory jewellery has fascinated our imagination from times immemorial.
A brief summary of the principal steps of this rich history, from ancient times until today. Evoking all the blessings of nature, perfume and jewellery were first used as offerings, and in reference to the divine.
From the opulent Orient to the Roman Empire...
the art of perfumery becomes subtly linked to that of traditional artisans and olfactory jewellery becomes a way for the secular world to transport resins, balms, and scents, for its own pleasure ant that of others. Straddling the line between ornament and talisman, these types of finery are a timeless and lasting way to glorify the ephemeral and volatile nature of fragrance. The 14th Century thus began the development of liquid perfumes adapted for perfumery, and jewellery adapted for this use as well. Incense, myrrh, or sandalwood found themselves joined with earthenware, glass, or metal, underlining the growing emphasis of sophistication and the desire to take care of oneself, of seduction or self-protection.
Between the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance...
the complex and subtle evolution of natural fragrances continues to combine many seductive flavours and therapeutic properties. In fact, aromatic vinegars are frequently used for their medicinal virtues, most notably as disinfectants against the Plague in Europe.
The 19th and especially the 20th Century are the hour the glory for perfume, the archetypal feminine accessory that has become synonymous with mystery and seduction.
As perfumery becomes mass-marketed, the industrial revolution creates the appearance of synthetic fragrances which, for reasons of cost and ease of production, quickly supplant natural essences, therefore causing the disappearance of natural perfumes and all of their therapeutic benefits.
Well-primed at the end of the last millennium...
the return to sources of conscientious and natural well-being that begins in the 21st Century finally brings back info fashion practices that are as pertinent as they are lasting, as natural as they are effective.
In proposing these noble and precious jewels, enriched with organic perfumes made from beneficial essential oils, olfactory jewellery returns to the forefront of the scene, as a new product from already-established prestigious companies (Van Cleef, Cartier) or thanks to Olfact, the first true establishment to offer a range of olfactory jewels and fine jewellery.
At the crossroads...
between ancestral traditions and technological innovations, the Maison Olfact innovates with its creations as well as with its unique approach to promoting artisans and the respect of nature.

Based in Geneva, the capital of both luxury and of health research, Olfact is currently reinventing olfactory jewellery, a synergy of jewellery, perfumery, glass-work, and cutting-edge technology. A unique concept, bringing the benefits of essential oils and natural fragrances into daily life.